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Blue Reading Records

Blue Reading Records will be collected in for the Summer on Thursday 12th July. Well done for making such great progress in reading Year 1!



Maths Investigation

Please return for Friday 13th July


You need to find a collection of jars and bottles of different sizes and shapes, like those in the picture below:

I wonder which holds the most/least liquid?
Use estimation first of all.
How could you find out?  Explore!


Can you find a way of counting how many "small container-fulls" each will hold?
Can you find a better way?


You can present your findings by either writing, taking photos or drawing in your home learning book.

Maths investigation


For this investigation you will need two dice, preferably with dots on them.


1. Roll the two dice.  

2. Add the numbers that are on the top. (You can either count the dots or complete this mentally)

3. Roll the two dice again and add the numbers up.

4. We would like you to record the equations in your home learning book.

e.g. 1+6 = 7


What other totals could you get if you roll the dice again?

It may help to work systematically e.g one dice has 1 on it and then you roll the second dice to find all the different combinations.




Here are some questions you could ask whilst completing the investigation with your child;


Can you make a bigger/smaller total?
What is the highest total you could make?
What is the lowest total you could make?
If one dice shows 6 , what could the other dice be showing?
How will you know when you've found all the totals?


Please return home learning books for Friday 29th June