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Home learning due 13.07.17


The children have been working very hard on practising and rehearsing their end of year play 'The Bee Musical'. For home learning we would like the children to design a programme to hand to the parents on their arrival to watch the play. Children should think about what they need to include on the programme, such as date- Wednesday 19th July 2017 , time- 2:00pm- 3:00pm and place- Highfield Infants' School hall. They could possibly use imperative verbs to persuade parents to come.

Home learning due 6.07.17


Continuing with our IPC topic 'Hooray, Let's go on holiday!' we will be learning about the effect of pollution on the planet. For home learning this week we would like the children to focus on the effects of pollution in the sea. Can the children make a poster with information about these effects and possibly what we can do to help.

In addition, can you please bring in an empty (clean) pot to be used in art, e.g. a plastic margarine container.


Thank you.