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Home Learning Due - Thursday 13th December

This week the children have been making their own non-fiction books about pumpkins. They have made a front cover, instructions for how to grow a pumpkin and diagrams with labels. Next week we would like the children to write a food review. In order to do this we would like the children to try pumpkin!

For home learning this week we would like the children to try a pumpkin recipe. This can be home made or shop bought. Roasted pumpkin or pumpkin soup. Can the children write a review about what they ate and what they thought about it? Did they enjoy it? What did it taste like? Would they eat it again? Would they recommend it to a friend? To extend, can they write a description using adjectives about what the food looks like?  


Thank you for your support.


Year 2 team

A new topic has been loaded to Maths with Parents. You will now find 'Division by sharing' activities and games for the children to complete. Please remember that these do not have to be recorded or handed in to school.