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Home Learning Due - 25.4.19



For home learning during the holiday we would like the children to create a 'holiday collage' or scrap book of some of the activities they have done. This can be a collection of pictures, drawings and collected items from the time you have spent together. We would like it to be a collection of things to remind you of time spent with family and friends, recorded in a fun way.


We hope you have a happy Easter holiday.


Thank you for your support


Year 2 team  


Year 2 writing expectations


Here are some of the things the children should include in their writing;

  • full stops, capital letters and use question marks when required

  • Use past tense mostly correctly and consistently

  • Use conjunctions (and/or/ but/ when/ if/ that/ because)

  • segment spoken words into phonemes and represent these by graphemes, spelling many of these words correctly and making phonically-plausible attempts at others

  • spell many core words correctly


Children doing more than is expected should;


  • write effectively and coherently, drawing on their reading to inform the vocabulary and grammar of their writing

  • make simple additions, revisions and proof-reading corrections to their own writing

  • use the punctuation taught at key stage 1 mostly correctly ( ! , ’ ? )

  • spell most core words

  • add suffixes to spell most words correctly in their writing (e.g. –ment, –ness, –ful, –less, –ly)


Thank you for your support.


Year 2 team

A new topic has been loaded to Maths with Parents. You will now find 'Division by sharing' activities and games for the children to complete. Please remember that these do not have to be recorded or handed in to school.