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Welcome to Year 2

Spellings week beginning - 10.12.18


Welcome to year 2 spellings. Each week we will upload a new spelling list to be practised at home. Your child will be told if they need to practise 5, 10 or 15 spellings. On Fridays we will have a spelling test which will be recorded in their yellow spelling book. The yellow spelling book will be sent home on a Friday and we ask that you mark the spellings and discuss any mistakes. The spelling book should be returned to school the following week in time for the next spelling test.

Thank you for your support.


5 spellings- one, has, push, pull, says.

10 spellings- one, has, push, pull, says, find, climb, old, both, whole.

15 spellings- one, has, push, pull, says, find, climb, old, both, whole, jacket, packet, dropped, nicer, table.


Dictated Sentence

After each spelling test we will ask the children to apply their knowledge of some of the spellings in a sentence. We will read out the sentence and the children will write it as a super sentence. Please practise this at home.


The door says push.


One day I will find an old jacket and we can both climb the table.


Spellings 3.12.18

love, full, house, they, once, poor, wild, hold, break, busy, ice, city, bottle, little, wriggle.


There was once a house full of sweets.


There was once a poor man who wanted to break a little house made of ice in the busy city.



Below are the 4 main spelling strategies which we are learning to use at school. The children are learning to use these strategies when spelling new and longer words.


Please encourage your child to use these spelling strategies when learning their weekly spellings.

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