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April 2016

Can you design a card for the Queen's 90th birthday?

Please return your entry to school any time before Friday 29th April


Thuy Ann from Otter Class
Harriet from Rabbit Class
Arya from Rabbit Class
Connie in Otter Class
Emily in Rabbit Class
Ceyda in Rabbit Class
Ellie M in Owl Class
Holly in Rabbit Class: Year 1 winning design
Louis in Hedgehog Class
Jake in Hedgehog Class
Rhys in Deer Class
Isabella in Hedgehog Class
Betsy in Rabbit Class
Nathan in Fox Class
Dominic in Hedgehog Class
Aria in Hedgehog Class
Isaac in Fox Class
Zain in Otter Class
Cheyenne in Deer Class
Xavier in Otter Class
Isla in Squirrel Class
Holly in Squirrel Class
Aurielle in Owl Class
Alicia in Squirrel Class
Jessica in Badger Class
Lily in Rabbit Class
Milo in Squirrel Class
Sanjivan in Rabbit Class
Milly in Squirrel Class
Maya in Owl Class
Trisha in Rabbit Class
Michael in Owl Class
Liam in Owl Class
Ellie W in Owl Class
Kian in Otter Class
Saskia in Hedgehog Class
Adrian in Badger Class: Year 2 winning design
Diya in Owl Class
Sofia in Bader Class
Leo in Squirrel Class: Reception winning design
Shay in Squirrel Class
Clarine in Fox Class
Max in Squirrel Class
Finlay in Rabbit Class
Nathanel in Fox Class
Jessica in Otter Class
Ruby in Otter Class
Zoe in Otter Class
Emily in Otter Class
Zuri in Deer Class
Yilin in Owl Class