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April 2017

Wonderful World

Take a photograph of anything that shows the beauty of our natural world - from landscapes to llamas, sunsets to squirrels, trees to tortoises, cliff tops to kittens - the choice is yours!  Humans however cannot appear in your photo!


Please send named entries into school by Friday 28th April.


Arthur, Mouse: Lupin with diamond rain drops
Harriet, Deer: Crown Imperials at Emmetts Garden
Nate, Otter: Log with rings like ripples in a pond
Ahoora, Owl
Joshua, Mouse: Lamb smiling in the sunshine!
Anna, Mouse: Lots of flowers at Sissinghurst
Spencer, Rabbit: Endangered sumatran tiger
Alicia, Otter: Ringtailed lemurs
Henry, Badger: Water lillies in Kew Gardens
Yilin, Badgers: Marine life in Monaco Aquarium
Yinan, Hedgehog: Beautiful jellyfish
Holly, Deer: A fox!
Alex, Mouse: The sky with sun and trees
Mabel, Mouse: Flowers in my garden
Siyar, Owl: This tree in my garden makes me happy!
Leo, Mouse: Just my tree I climb
Charlotte, Owl: Pretty flower in my garden
Joel, Otter: A queue of terrapins at Amazon World!
Lola, Otter: The peacock's feathers look like eyes
Kayla, Otter: A goose in Bromley!
Milo, Otter: Beautiful rocks and water on holiday
Noah, Rabbit: The picture is like a magic window
Louisa, Fox: Mount Teide from my aeroplane window
Charlie, Fox: A spider in my garden
Joseph, Rabbit: Bluebells at Emmetts Garden
Archie, Rabbit: I love my dog!
Eva, Rabbit: The Highfield duck!
Ava, Squirrel: Bluebells at Ightam Mote
Gianluca, Squirrel: A sign of Spring
Gregory, Squirrel: Squirrel in Kelsey Park
Adele, Squirrel: Donkey in Devon
Betsy, Deer: Flowers with sunshine in the centre
Mia, Rabbit: Flowers from my garden
Jacob, Owl: Easter lambs at nanny's house
Louis, Owl: Welsh beach in the afternoon
Dino, Owl: A king lion in a magic forest
Aria, Owl: Spider on my window sill
Alice, Owl: A beautiful peacock in Lisbon
Jake, Owl: Deer in a field
Sam, Badger: Flowers
Tobias, Rabbit: Camel in Dubai
Isabella, Mouse: The colour of summer
Emily, Deer: New born lamb on Mother's Day!
Jack, Deer: Happy Squirrel!
Saskia, Owl: Pretty flower
Henry, Deer: 'H' in nature!
Haoming, Deer: A lioness
Hanna, Deer: My first octopus in Barcelona
Charlie, Deer: Beautiful flower
Troy, Deer: Sunset in Brighton with my family
Lily, Deer: Colours in Wakehurst
Ceyda, Deer: My kitten Tizzy's first trip out!
Maya, Deer: My dog Medo in Beckenham Place Park
Xavi, Fox: Bees buzzing in the shining sun!
Elena, Fox: Jellybeans!
Audrey, Hedgehogs: Beautiful blossom
Maya, Mouse: A walk with grandad in the park
Luca, Hedgehog: I like the bright colours!
Aurora, Hedgehog: Giraffes in Singapore Zoo
Trisha, Deer: Super Trees Grove in Singapore
Marcus, Otter:Westminster on River Thames at night
Sadhana, Rabbit: Sunlight through clouds, Brighton
Finlay, Deer: Rock pool on the Scilly Isles
Audrey, Hedgehog: Blossom floats like confetti
Oliver, Badger: Vulcher over the Pyrenees