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December 2017

From litter to glitter: can you make a decoration for the school Christmas tree from your recycling? The more creative the better!


Please submit named entries into school by Wednesday 20th December. (Remember to reclaim it at the end of term for your own Christmas tree!)

Dimitra in Hedgehog Class
Tristan in Otter Class
Max in Fox Class
Jassmitha in Rabbit Class
Arina in Rabbit Class
Marcus in Fox Class
Joshua in Rabbit Class
Mabel in Mouse Class
Maya J in Rabbit Class
Saskia in Badger Class
Eliza (Win) in Owl Class
Ava in Owl Class
Aria in Badger Class
Dolly in Fox Class
Eliza (Wil) in Owl Class
Ava in Rabbit Class
Dominic in Badger Class
Anya in Fox Class
Luke in Owl Class
Ahoora in Badger Class
Holly in Fox Class
Vivaan in Deer Class
Alicia in Fox Class
Aurora in Otter Class
Nikolaos in Hedgehog Class
Patricia in Squirrel Class