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Dream Jars Summer 2016

Mrs Golding challenged the children to create their own dream jars over the summer holidays inspired by the Big Friendly Giant.  As always we have received fantastic entries each telling its own story...
Jake in Owl Class
Henry in Badger Class
Saskia in Owl Class
Nate in Otter Class
Daisy in Owl Class
Ahoora in Owl CLass
Joel in Otter Class
Keanu in Mouse Class
Max in Otter Class
Betsy in Deer Class
Freya in Otter Class
Shay in Otter Class
Conrad in Otter Class
Aria in Owl Class
Elena in Otter Class
Suriya in Fox Class
Alicia in Otter Class
Charlotte in Owl Class
Frankie in Owl Class
Holly in Otter Class
Ellie in Badger Class
Zoe in Fox Class
Ruby in Fox Class
Trisha in Deer Class
Ava in Deer Class
Holly in Deer Class
Harriet in Deer Class
Aurielle in Badger Class
Chloe in Owl Class
Sophia in Mouse Class