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Technology is changing the world around us and offers our children limitless possibilities.  As our children's first educators we want to work in partnership with our parents and carers to teach the children how to use new technologies safely and responsibly both at school and at home.


We have adopted the child friendly acronym CAT to remind our children that they must always:

Check with their adult that they are allowed to use a computer, tablet, mobile phone or other device

Ask a grown up if they're not sure about something they have found online or want to do

Tell an adult if they are upset about something they have seen


Please encourage your child to tell you if they feel uncomfortable, upset or threatened by anything they see online. Involve your children in writing your own family's code for acceptable internet use.  Remember that what's acceptable for an older sibling is not necessarily OK for a child of infant school age, so get their input. Surf together; go online with your children and become part of their online life.  The key to safe use of the internet is good communication.


You will find below the power point presentation for our Cyber Bullying and E-Safety Assembly which uses language the children hear at school and are familiar with.  


There is a wealth of information for parents and carers on how to keep children safe online. Below are several links to helpful websites providing more information.