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Feedback and Responses 2016

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What happens when a child is moving at a faster pace than others, do they get bored? All learning is differentiated to meet the needs of learners, this might be by the task given, the level of support or the outcome expected.  We focus on ensuring that all children receive appropriate challenge and track progress as well as attainment. Many activities include a challenge expectation or "extra for experts" which involves applying knowledge and skills in a different situation or using these to reason and explain.
Can we have more information about our child's next steps? Parents and carers in Key Stage One will be receiving a report which includes the key performance indicators for each Year Group. Teachers will highlight each child's next steps in reading writing and maths so that parents and carers can support children learning at home.
Can children bring their learning books home at the end of the term for parents to review?    

Unfortunately, when books have been sent home in the past they have not always been returned or treated with respect. As a result we do not send books home until the end of the year.  However, parents and carers are always welcome to review learning in books after school.  Please arrange a time with your class teacher to do this.

I would like to see more creativity in school, more art projects and school plays. We balance our curriculum very carefully so that it meets the expectations of the National Curriculum but also offers a broad range of in-depth experiences. For your reference the planned curriculum is available on the website. Children regularly use
drama in their classes to explore topics and additionally, music and art do filter through the whole curriculum. Every child gets at least two chances to perform to adults each year and there are further opportunities to perform if children choose to join extra curricular clubs. Our recent Sing Up performance was an opportunity for the whole school to
perform together.
Too much homework that parents have to do for rather than with the child. We try to set home learning that is accessible for all children. We also always expect the home learning to be completed by the child at their current level. If any child is finding the home learning too hard or too easy please do speak to your child's class teacher and we will adapt the learning further to meet need. Home learning can be completed in a variety of ways -through written work, drawing pictures, photos or models.
Why can't my child be on the longer spelling list? While children can get all the spellings correct in a test situation following rehearsal at home during the preceding week they are not always able to apply these consistently in their writing. We ensure that children have taught spellings fully embedded in independent writing before moving children on to a longer list.
Why don't all children complete 1 to 1 reading sessions in school? We focus on the teaching of reading skills both decoding and comprehension, this goes beyond listening to children read. Each week every child gets two twenty minute taught reading sessions in a small group. These sessions focus on children's next steps; all children read together to practise decoding and then discuss the text to ensure that there is in-depth comprehension. If we listened to each child read individually we would not have the capacity to teach reading to a high standard as well as cover all aspects of the curriculum. Some children, when it is needed, do get targeted 1 to 1 reading to support reading development in addition to Guided Reading sessions. We also always look at the comments in children's Blue Reading Records and take parental and child feedback into account.
Why cannot more children attend the choir? The choir is a club which has been filled on a first come first served basis. This is the same as all our extra -curricula clubs. We have focused on the development of music and performance and as a result our choir has become incredibly popular. We are currently unable to take further children in the club due to space and organisation commitments at lunchtime.  However, we have also arranged for each Year Group to work with Mrs Andrews for a term to focus on singing in curriculum time.