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Feedback and Responses 2017

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Why has my child's progress through the book bands slowed as she has moved through the school?

Initially with reading, progress is rapid as the children are focusing on decoding the words and there is little text in the books. Most of the story comes from understanding the pictures. As children move on there is more text to decode and the content of the books becomes more complex. Whilst children may be able to decode fluently and answer questions, it is at this stage that more time needs to be spent on each book band to ensure that children are able to:

1) Go beyond the literal meaning of the text and infer

2) Make links with other texts and life experiences

3) Clearly explain the meaning of new vocabulary and use this in their communication and writing

4) Be able to reference where answers to questions are found in the text

5) Be able to answer questions specifically not generally referencing the text

6) Be able to ask and answer ‘open’ as well as ‘closed questions’ and reason why an opinion has been given.

These skills take time to develop and best progress is made when a child is reading a book at least 95% accuracy so that focus can be placed on comprehension rather than decoding. In addition all of the above needs to be completed through a range of genre. We focus on developing the core skills the children will need when they move to Key Stage 2.

How are children rewarded individually?

Our Behaviour Policy is focused on being as posi-tive as possible as we know that success leads to further success. We praise children verbally trying to always give a reason for good behaviours. Chil-dren may also be given a sticker or certificate as an external reward. In addition children frequently come to show their learning or talk about their achievements with a member of the Senior Leader-ship Team. We are currently looking at ways to link individual behaviour rewards to our school values.

Could the soft start be extended to support working parents who are dropping off children?

We already open doors 10 minutes earlier than the start of the teaching day to allow children to enter school and have time to prepare for the day. Teach-ers and Teaching Assistants kindly give up this time to be in their classroom to welcome the children and help them to settle. The soft start works well as we know lining up on the playground wastes time and children enter school more calmly if they do so over a period of 10 minutes. If we lengthened this period we would lose valuable preparation and discussion time allocated for teachers and TAs to work togeth-er to prepare for the day. This preparation time means that your children enter a class where the adults are ready to receive them and deliver high quality learning.

What happens when a child bumps their head in school?

We take bumps to the head very seriously. Each child will attend first aid and will be given an ice pack. The child's bump will then be reviewed, if it is felt that this is severe parents/carers will be in-formed by phone and if needed an ambulance called. In other cases a yellow band will be placed around the child's wrist with the date, overview of the bump and time. This is to ensure all those that come into contact with the child following the head bump are aware. The bump is also recorded in the school first aid log book.