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March 2016

Look around for signs of Spring in our environment. Take a photograph and email it to:

Send in your entry any time before Sunday 10th April.

Picture 1 Taken by Louis in Hedgehog Class
Picture 2 Simon in Squirrel Class
Picture 3 Joel in Squirrel Class
Picture 1 Taken by Jonny in Hedgehog Class
Picture 2 Taken by Matis in Hedgehog Class in Petts Wood
Picture 3 William in Hedgehogs found frog spawn in the pond
Picture 1 Holly in Squirrels: Spring flowers in her garden
Picture 2 Taken by Emily in Rabbit Class
Picture 3 Elena, Squirrels, found frog spawn in a duck pond
Picture 1 Taken by Jacob in Hedgehog Class
Picture 2 Taken by Jake in Hedgehog Class
Picture 3 Marcus in Squirrels spotted returning bird life
Picture 1 Taken by Daisy in Hedgehog Class
Picture 2 Taken by Max from Squirrel Class
Picture 3 Sam in Badgers: flowers blossoming signify Spring
Picture 1 Rayyan in Rabbit Class photographed budding leaves
Picture 2 Crocuses in my garden. Harriet in Rabbit Class
Picture 3 Nate from Squirrel Class at the Olympic Park
Picture 1 photo by Dominic in Hedgehog Class
Picture 2 Shay from Squirrel found this squirrel in a forest
Picture 3 Noah in Mouse Class: Springtime in Croatia
Picture 1 Isaac in Fox Class found blackbirds making a nest
Picture 2 Saskia from Hedgehog Class among pretty daffodils
Picture 3 Jessica from Otter Class resting in bluebell woods
Picture 1 Nathanael in Fox Class took a photo of a flower
Picture 2 Evan in Owl Class with a Spring chick
Picture 3 Henry in Owl Class found a bumble bee
Picture 1 Finlay in Rabbit Class spotted a bumble bee
Picture 2 Trisha, Rabbits, spotted a waking lizard in Italy
Picture 3 Oliver from Owl Class in an orange field in Spain
Picture 1 Albie, Fox Class, saw frogspawn in Kingswood Glen
Picture 2 Clarine, Fox Class: Spring blue sky at Stonehenge
Picture 3 Cicely, Mouse Class, found bluebells in the wood
Picture 1 Queen bumblebee waking from her hibernation
Picture 2 Signs of Spring from YiLin in Owl Class
Picture 3 Poppy in Owl Class found a green woodpecker
Picture 1 Ahoora in Hedgehog Class pictures of Spring