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March 2016

Look around for signs of Spring in our environment. Take a photograph and email it to:

Send in your entry any time before Sunday 10th April.

Taken by Louis in Hedgehog Class
Simon in Squirrel Class
Joel in Squirrel Class
Taken by Jonny in Hedgehog Class
Taken by Matis in Hedgehog Class in Petts Wood
William in Hedgehogs found frog spawn in the pond
Holly in Squirrels: Spring flowers in her garden
Taken by Emily in Rabbit Class
Elena, Squirrels, found frog spawn in a duck pond
Taken by Jacob in Hedgehog Class
Taken by Jake in Hedgehog Class
Marcus in Squirrels spotted returning bird life
Taken by Daisy in Hedgehog Class
Taken by Max from Squirrel Class
Sam in Badgers: flowers blossoming signify Spring
Rayyan in Rabbit Class photographed budding leaves
Crocuses in my garden. Harriet in Rabbit Class
Nate from Squirrel Class at the Olympic Park
photo by Dominic in Hedgehog Class
Shay from Squirrel found this squirrel in a forest
Noah in Mouse Class: Springtime in Croatia
Isaac in Fox Class found blackbirds making a nest
Saskia from Hedgehog Class among pretty daffodils
Jessica from Otter Class resting in bluebell woods
Nathanael in Fox Class took a photo of a flower
Evan in Owl Class with a Spring chick
Henry in Owl Class found a bumble bee
Finlay in Rabbit Class spotted a bumble bee
Trisha, Rabbits, spotted a waking lizard in Italy
Oliver from Owl Class in an orange field in Spain
Albie, Fox Class, saw frogspawn in Kingswood Glen
Clarine, Fox Class: Spring blue sky at Stonehenge
Cicely, Mouse Class, found bluebells in the wood
Queen bumblebee waking from her hibernation
Signs of Spring from YiLin in Owl Class
Poppy in Owl Class found a green woodpecker
Ahoora in Hedgehog Class pictures of Spring