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Maths Mastery runs throughout Highfield and is used to enhance students’ enjoyment, resilience, understanding and attainment in mathematics. This programme is based on strong evidence and practice from international high-performers in maths education – Shanghai and Singapore.


We use a consistent calculation policy that shows what is taught in each year group and the methods that we use. Regular number work builds fluency for children, with Rock Star Times Tables providing a fun way to learn at school and at home.

The EEF research indicates that mathematics is essential for everyday life and a foundation for careers in technology, science, and engineering, among many others. Teachers use the NRICH website to challenge learners with investigations that get them problem solving in a range of mathematical disciplines. Assessment is done regularly, ensuring gaps are closed and children are secure in their knowledge and application before moving on.


Please see below for details of the National Curriculum for Mathematics, which we adhere to.

MathswithParents Homelearning Tool