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May 2016

We are celebrating taking part in physical activity. Can you tell us about a sport you do?

Please return your entry to school any time before Monday 6th June.

Sam from Badger Class plays football.
Holly in Squirrel Class plays rugby
Jake in Mouse Class plays football
Xavier in Otters plays his version of cup & ball
Milo in Squirrel Class does karate
Marcus in Squirrel Class enjoys playing football
Emily in Rabbit Class does gymnastics
Adrian in Badger Class plays cricket
Harriet in Rabbit Class plays cricket
Saskia in Hedgehog Class goes swimming
Jessica in Otter Class plays cricket
Trisha in Rabbits goes swimming and to gymnastics
Jessica in Badger Class goes sailing
Sofia in Badger Class does gymnastics
Rhys in Deer Class plays rugby
Sammy in Badger Class plays cricket
Suriya in Otter Class plays football
Milly in Deer Class enjoys football and swimming
Shay in Squirrel Class plays football
Jake in Hedgehog Class does gymnastics
Alicia in Squirrel enjoys ballet
Sohail in Deer Class plays football
Charlie in Deer plays lots of different sports
Finlay in Rabbit Class goes swimming
Siyar in Hedgehog Class plays football
Ellie in Owl Class does gymnastics