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November 2015

Plastic bags cause devastating damage to our environment.  I would like you to make a shopping bag from recycled materials that you can use when shopping instead of using plastic bags.


Please bring your bag into school any time before Friday 27th November and we will put it on display.

Martha in Owl Class used a comic book and beads
Vincent in Badger Class used a plastic bottle
Marcus in Squirrel Class recycled an old towel
Leon in Owl Class used a cardboard box
Zoe in Otter Class customised an old bag
Jessica in Otter Class made her bag from paper
Max in Squirrel Class recycled an old comic
Alicia in Squirrel Class reused a clementine box
Sam from Owl Class recycled a newspaper
Kayla from Squirrels asked the tailor for scraps
Sofia from Badger Class recycled a cereal box
Isaac from Fox reused wrapping paper and ribbons
Harriet from Rabbits made a bubble wrap bag
Noah from Mouse Class reused plastic packaging
Holly from Rabbit Class recycled a milk bottle
Milo from Squirrels decorated a box with newspaper
Trisha from Rabbit Class used an upside down hat!
Adrian in Badgers enjoyed stitching bits of fabric
Ruby from Otters decorated her paper bag with bees
Freya in Squirrels made a colourful underwater bag
Nathanael in Fox Class made a minion house bag
Aleaseya from Badgers reused her brother's jacket!
Leo from Squirrels folded a newspaper into a bag!
Emily in Rabbits weaved a bag using a magazine
Ivy from Badger Class made this bag from fabric
Eshan made a bag from plastic packaging
Kian in Otter Class recycled lots of containers
Chloe from Hedgehogs made a bag from woven plastic
Reece from Rabbits made a bag from an old tshirt
Saskia in Hedgehogs reused a box to make her bag
Frankie from Hedgehog Class recycled a box
Ceyda in Rabbit Class made a Hello Kitty bag!
Dominic from Hedgehogs recycled lots of materials
Shay from Squirrel Class made a paper bag
Simon from Squirrel Class reused an old tshirt
Elena from Squirrel Class recycled a tea towel
Florence in Owl Class made a bag using paper
Poppy from Owls used a muslin cloth and loom bands
Henry in Owl Class used a box and chistmas ribbon
Sanjivan in Rabbits recycled an old shirt
Charlie in Rabbits recycled school trousers
Noah in Rabbits made a bag from old material
Paige in Otters made a bag from card and ribbon