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November 2016

What does the word creativity mean to you?


Please submit your entries to school by Wednesday 30th November.

Charlotte in Owl Class
Jake in Owl Class
Daisy in Owl Class
Youyun from Rabbit Class
Dominic from Owl Class
Albert in Mouse Class
Maya in Badger Class
Alicia in Otter Class
Holly in Otter Class
Aoife in Badger Class
Ahoora in Owl Class
Sakia in Owl Class
Holly in Deer Class
Trisha in Deer Class
Shay in Otter Class
Eva in Rabbit Class
Zoe in Rabbit Class
Martha in Badger Class
Leo in Otter Class
Aurielle in Badger Class
Poppy in Badger Class
Maya in Deer Class
Betsy in Deer Class
Charlie in Fox Class
Yilin in Badger Class
Zoe in Fox Class
Ellie in Badger Class
Marcus in Otter Class
Sam and Alex in Badger and Mouse Class
Lola in Otter Class
Rosie in Badger Class
Reece in Deer Class
Xavier in Fox Class
Trisha in Deer Class
Albert in Mouse Class
Eva in Rabbit
Dino in Owl Class
Lola in Otter Class
Luke in Squirrel Class
Mahek in Otter Class
Lily in Deer Class
Aurora in Hedgehog Class
Daniella in Fox Class
Henry in Badger Class