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October 2015

October is BIG DRAW month. The theme this year is ‘Every Drawing Tells a Story’. Can you tell a story or communicate an idea by drawing a picture?


Please return your entry to school any time before Friday 23rd October.

Picture 1 By Jessica from Otter Class
Picture 2 Pippa in Badger Class 'Autumn'
Picture 3 Shay from Squirrels 'Three Little Pigs'
Picture 1 Iris in Fox Class
Picture 2 Adrian in Badger Class
Picture 3 Henry in Owl Class
Picture 1 Isaac from Fox 'Robin Hood & the Silver Arrow'
Picture 2 Sammy from Badger PO Cruise Ventura
Picture 3 Scarlett from Badger Class
Picture 1 Alexandra from Fox Class 'Magic Tree'
Picture 2 Milo from Squirrels
Picture 3 Nathanael from Fox 'Sonic & Tails defeat Eggman'
Picture 1 Rapahael from Deer 'Using the Computer'
Picture 2 Leo from Squirrels 'the Solar system'
Picture 3 Diya from Owl Class
Picture 1 Morgane from Fox Class 'Road Safety'
Picture 2 Maya from Deer Class 'Habitats'
Picture 3 Jake from Hedgehog Class 'Halloween'
Picture 1 Aleaseya in Badger Class
Picture 2 Sofia from Badger Class 'Winnie the Witch'
Picture 3 Max from Squirrel 'Rocket into Space'
Picture 1 Finley from Rabbit Class
Picture 2 Harriet from Rabbit 'Mummy and Little Witch'
Picture 3 Trisha from Rabbits 'What the Ladybird Heard'
Picture 1 Holly from Rabbit Class 'trip to Legoland'
Picture 2 Alicia from Squirrels 'A Butterfly in Autumn'