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October 2015

October is BIG DRAW month. The theme this year is ‘Every Drawing Tells a Story’. Can you tell a story or communicate an idea by drawing a picture?


Please return your entry to school any time before Friday 23rd October.

By Jessica from Otter Class
Pippa in Badger Class 'Autumn'
Shay from Squirrels 'Three Little Pigs'
Iris in Fox Class
Adrian in Badger Class
Henry in Owl Class
Isaac from Fox 'Robin Hood & the Silver Arrow'
Sammy from Badger PO Cruise Ventura
Scarlett from Badger Class
Alexandra from Fox Class 'Magic Tree'
Milo from Squirrels
Nathanael from Fox 'Sonic & Tails defeat Eggman'
Rapahael from Deer 'Using the Computer'
Leo from Squirrels 'the Solar system'
Diya from Owl Class
Morgane from Fox Class 'Road Safety'
Maya from Deer Class 'Habitats'
Jake from Hedgehog Class 'Halloween'
Aleaseya in Badger Class
Sofia from Badger Class 'Winnie the Witch'
Max from Squirrel 'Rocket into Space'
Finley from Rabbit Class
Harriet from Rabbit 'Mummy and Little Witch'
Trisha from Rabbits 'What the Ladybird Heard'
Holly from Rabbit Class 'trip to Legoland'
Alicia from Squirrels 'A Butterfly in Autumn'