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P.E. Kit

The following items of compulsory PE kit are required to be brought into School by every child from Reception to Year 2.



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  • A white Highfield Infants’ School PE t-shirt (available from
  • Navy blue P.E. shorts.
  • A tracksuit, consisting of navy blue jumper (available from and navy jogging bottoms.
  • A navy blue Highfield Infants’ School P.E. kit bag for outdoor P.E. kit and a royal blue Highfield Infants’ School P.E. kit bag for indoor P.E. kit (available from
  • Trainers with Velcro straps.


For indoor dance and gymnastics lessons, all children work barefoot.


All children must wear trainers with Velcro straps for their outside P.E lessons, unless they are completely capable of tying their laces without any adult support.

All footwear should be the correct size for the wearer and should provide appropriate support for the ankles. Every item of P.E. kit should be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name so it can be given back to them if it is found.


All children should have their own individual P.E kit to wear during their P.E lessons.


Long hair (boys or girls) should always be tied back to prevent entanglement in apparatus and to prevent obscuring vision. 

Please give some consideration as to how you dress your child on the days they have P.E. lessons. If you dress your child in tights and they cannot take them off or put them on by themselves, please dress them with socks or in trousers, or teach them how to put them on independently. 


We thank you for your continued support with this matter.