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Reporting Absence

Please report all absences to the school office by calling the absence line on 020 8464 7804 or emailing by 9.15 am.

If we are not informed by 9.15 am these be may marked as unauthorised.


Requests for Time Off


Please limit appointments during school hours. If an appointment during the school day is essential please inform the office well in advance and provide evidence such as appointment cards.


All requests for absences such as holidays during term time need to be submitted via form to Mrs Morris.  Forms can be obtained from the school office. Please note that unless the request is for an event with exceptional circumstances it may not be approved and will be recorded as unauthorised. For further information please see our Attendance Policy on the Policy page of our website.

Late Arrivals


The school is open from 8.45-8.55 am. If you arrive after that your child needs to enter the school via the office and will be recorded as late on the registers.