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Welcome to Year 2

Spellings week beginning - 20.1.20

Spellings will be posted every Thursday and the children will be tested the following Thursday.


split digraph 'e-e' and adding 'ey' suffix


5 spellings: keys, prey, they, grey, honey

10 spellings:  keys, prey, they, grey, honey, turkey, money, donkey, monkey, chimney

15 spellings: keys, prey, they, grey, honey, turkey, money, donkey, monkey, chimney, even, evening, these, complete, extreme


Thank you for your support


Year 2 team


Below are the 4 main spelling strategies which we are learning to use at school. The children are learning to use these strategies when spelling new and longer words.


Please encourage your child to use these spelling strategies when learning their weekly spellings.

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