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Top Table

Top Table is a new initiative to reward excellent behaviour for Year One and Year Two children.  All staff can nominate a child who they think has displayed any of the following: 

  • Showing good behaviour in class and on the playground

  • Being a good friend to others

  • Showing responsibility in tidying up the classroom and putting toys away at playtime and lunchtime

  • Showing impeccable manners at the table i.e using knife and fork, being polite to serving staff


As a reward two children from each class will sit at 'Top Table' on Thursday lunchtime.  Four members of staff, or governors, share the table with the children to make this a special occasion. The table is decorated with a special cover, napkins, straws and squash is also offered.  


The children also receive a special sticker during celebration assembly on Friday.


This has been really successful and the children have responded very positively: